Our Envelope Printing Equipment

At Ecker Envelope, Inc, we use only the best possible printing and pre-press equipment. All of our equipment is maintained to the top standards.

We produce between 7 and 10 million envelopes each month on our 3 Halm off-set jet presses and our Diamond P-7 presses. Our 4-color Halm jet press is among the only 4- color jet presses in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Our Presses

Halm SuperJet Two-color Press
With Halm's Super Jet Press, you can do quality two-color work on larger documents, up to 18" x 12" in size. Its 6" diameter cylinders more than double the length of your printing and perfecting areas. Full bleed is possible on the front of the document, regardless of size, and when perfecting up to 9" x 12". The standard dual feeders enable you to run a larger variety of envelope sizes. With the ability to run 4-up, you can print at speeds of up to 60,000 impressions per hour.

Halm SuperJet Printing Press Specs


Halm Jet Two-color Press
With printing speeds of up to 60,000 impressions per hour, Halm's two-color Jet Press is the fastest around. Its 3" diameter cylinders give you a printing area of up to 9" x 12", allowing you to print full bleed on the front of the document, even when running the maximum size through the standard single feeder. With the ability to perfect, the Jet Press enables you to print both sides of the envelope in one pass. Four-sided bleed is possible on the back of the document, up to 4 1/4" x 12".

Halm Jet Printing Press Specs


Halm Envelopemaster 4000
The EM-4000 is Halm's state-of-the-art four-color press. The active matrix color touch screen allows for total graphic user interface, making set-up and operation easy. Microprocessor motor controls offer higher inherent reliability and enhanced versatility of operation, while eliminating potential electromechanical problems. The improved plate cylinder design enables you to make axial and radial adjustments during the print run, and gives you the ability to place multiple images on one plate. With speeds of up to 30,000 impressions per hour, you can run documents up to 9" x 15 3/4" in size.

Halm Envelopmaster 4000 Printing Press Specs

Download 4/c Printing Specs. (PDF)


Diamond P-7 Press
Prints Envelopes, index tabs, file folder sheets, die cuts, board and packaging stocks.

Diamond P-7 Press Printing Press Features



Ink Doser
The ColorMatic gives effective and clean ink dosing without waste and extracts virtually every drop of ink from the tin.

Ink Doser Features





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